Solar Panels

How woud you like to harness the power of the sun and produce your own electricity and hot water, well now you can with a system designed and installed by Yorkshire Automation.
We can design and install a solar panel system that will produce electricity for you to use in your own house for free and not have to pay the energy companies.  If you are producing more energy than you are using then we can provide a battery storage system so that you can store that energy for use later.  This ensures 100% solar utilisation and no generation wastage.
Hot Water
If you have a system boiler ie a water cylinder for hot water then we can install a solar thermal system.  These panels help to heat your hot water cylinder using the power of the sun rather than gas therefore saving you more money.  You may need a cylinder upgrade depending on existing cylinder type.
Cost Savings
There are a few factors to consider before we can work out exactly how much money you can save because of:
  • Panel Orientation
  • Number of Panels
  • Size of cylinder
  • Battery capacity
Typical electricity savings are approx 30% per annum.
Typical gas savings are approx 10% per annum.
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