Curtains & Blinds

We had another client who went away a lot and needed some way of closing the curtains and blinds that she had. We managed to find a supplier of electric curtain rails and blinds and got them. Once they were installed we added them all to the controller.

The system was then programmed to open and close them depending on the time that was set in the system. Manually opening and closing was also possible using the switches that were installed or by using the mobile phone.

This gave peace of mind to the client as when she was away the blinds and curtains opened and closed automatically.
In another example we had another client who had mobility issues and couldnt close the curtains properly.  Once we had installed the motors we programmed them to open and close at pre-set times.  we also supplied a little keyfob so that they could operate them manually if they wanted to at other times of the day.

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