Home Cinema

We had a client who wanted to make a cinema room but not spend tens of thousands of pounds. We had a look and came up with a design that was well received but importantly within the clients budget.

We added spot lights to ceiling aswell as ceiling speakers for the surround sound. A projector screen was also ceiling mounted. The sub-woofer and amplifier were put in each corner of the room. The coving went around the room which had RGBW strip lighting in to create an ambient light around the room. The curtains were then motorised to add to the effect.

The result was a simple button press started the movie activity which:
  • Closed the curtains
  • Turned off the lights
  • Turned on the RGBW strip light
  • Opened the screen
  • Turned on Projector
  • Turned on the Amplifier
  • Turned on the Media Player
The room was ready to play whatever movie we wanted in full HD picture and Tru-HD audio.

(c) 2019 Yorkshire Automation

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