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RGBW Sync QA - 2 Devices

This QA has been specifically designed for those that have multiple RGBW modules but wish to have them synchronise and controllable from just 1 controller. 

Just go into the variables section and input the RGBW device ID and also the MASTER ID.  The MASTER ID is the ID of the device itself once you have installed it.

Take a look at the video instruction for more information.


You will have control of ON/OFF, brightness, color.


It responds quicker than synchronisation scene that i have previously been using.


There are QA for 2 devices, 3 devices, 4 devices, 6 devices and 7 devices.


If you need for more device just ask and i will custom make and upload to shop.


See YouTube channel for install instructions HERE


Please note these are now the updated encrypted QA files

RGBW Sync QA - 2 Devices

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