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RaspberryPi 3 with Sonos Node HTTP-API

This is a raspberry pi 3 unit that has Raspian installed.

It also then has the Jishi node-sonos-http-api installed on here ready to go aswell as a file server for you guys to store your music files.

This can then be used by the HC3/HC3L to control your Sonos System and store your music centrally on the network.


See YouTube channel for installation guide HERE


PS the node-sonos-http-api is freely available on the net with guides. You are purchasing the Pi plus my time taken to create a ready to use solution.


Please note these are now the updated encrypted QA files

RaspberryPi 3 with Sonos Node HTTP-API

  • Within UK Delivery £5

    Within Europe Delivery £30

    Rest Of World Delivery £50

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