Automation Bridge

automationbridge helps bring different home automation and smart home systems together. Technologies that would not normally talk to each other natively, can now communicate harmoniously.
automationbridge is designed to work with the Fibaro Home Center HC2, Fibaro Home Centre Lite & Vera Edge/Plus/Secure Z-Wave/Zigbee Controllers. 
Once automationbridge is connected to your home network, you will be able to include your Z-Wave & Zibgee devices and scenes.
You will also be able to control your living spaces via Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Home. Turn your devices on or off, dim lights and run scenes, using only your voice.
There are plugins available for the automationbridge which can be purchased through the bridge directly from the creaters of the bridge. Priced at just $15AUS.  They help to enhance the funcionality of the bridge for Fibaro HC2/HCL users.
Click HERE to read all about the plugins.
The bridge is available now in the UK exclusivley from Yorkshire Automation at £105 delivered anywhere in the UK.
We can also provide support and setup assistance just ask when ordering via email to get a setup package discount.
Quick video demonstrtating how quick the automationbridge is compared to using the native skill in Fibaro HC2.

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