Assisted Living

We can use Smart Home Automation to help with the daily tasks in life.  I have seen many people who require that extra little help to live independently in their own homes.  With the right smart home products they can continue to do so.
This assisted living programme can also give peace of mind to the relatives loved ones as they get push notifications and emails to let them know if anything was to happen.
Medication Reminders
We can set up medication reminders by the use of either Sonos speakers or a Neo Coolcam siren.  When its time to take their medicines a speaker would make an announcement or the Neo would emit a chime.  A reminder message would be repeated every 2 minutes until the medication has been taken.
A door/window sensor will be placed on the medicine cabinet and that would automatically tell the system that medication has been taken and therefore the 2 minute reminders would automatically stop.
Open Doors & Windows
Another use of the door/window sensor is by placing them on specific doors and windows to let you know how long a door/window has been left open.  This is extremely important not just from a security point of view but also from a heating point of view.  We would not expect to have any doors or windows open for a length of time in the middle of winter.  A notification or email can automatically be sent to any number of phones if any/door or window was left open for more than a preset time.
The added benefit is we could also monitor that doors were being opened and closed and this would show movement and activity to give peace of mind that all is well.  We can especially add a sensor to the fridge door, medicines cabinet door or any door that you would like to be monitored.
Multi- Sensors
As the name implies these sensors measure Motion, Temperature and Light Levels.  We can check to make sure that there is movement within the rooms and an alert can be sent if nothing is detected for a preset time.  We can also ensure that the temperature of the home is at a comfortable level no matter what time of year.  The light level lets us know simply if the curtains have been opened that day, so a single sensor can give us so much information.
Emergency Button
The fibaro button is a device which can be placed any where within the home and acts like a Panic Button.  It can be programmed to do up to 5 things when pressed in 5 different ways.  We can programme the button to send out an alert to you if you are needed straight away.  We can also programme in different scenes eg turn on lights, turn the heating up/down.  So the possibilities for this device is huge.
Flood Sensor
This sensor is particularly important as water damage can have major problems for your home.  This sensor placed near water sources eg Bathroom, can let us know if a potential flood is ablut to start.  An alert is sent to the users phone, an alert can be sent to Sonos speakers or a chimer to remind you that a tap has been left on.  If it is installed we can have the water supply turned off by use of motorised valves.  This way we can prevent a costly repair bill.
Smoke Sensor
We all have smoke alarms in our properties and they work very well, but what they do not do is give anyone else an alert.  These smoke sensors can send out alert notifications as well as making an audible alert.  This way someone can come to the property and provide help if needed to make sure that nothing happens to their loved ones.

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