Our client needed a good reliable security system that was also wireless as the house was decorated. He wanted a system so that he knew what was happening at the house and if the alarm ever was triggered.

We provided him with a smart alarm system. This allowed him to arm/disarm the alarm system using a mobile phone or tablet. He also opted for a keypad and keyfobs for the kids to make it easy for them. The system is not limited to 8 zones like a typical alarm system so he had doors, acessible windows and all rooms protected with sensors. We then created different modes for the different types of protection needed.
  • Full mode
    All room sensors, doors and windows were armed
  • Night Mode
    Just the downstairs areas and windows and doors were armed
  • Perimeter Mode
    This is where only doors and windows were armed but movement is allowed inside the house
So the system is versatile and can accomodate whatever you need to create the perfect security for you.

If an activation was to occur the system sends out a Push Notification and an Email to alert you. It informs you which sensor or sensors have been activated. A quick look on the app and you can see how long ago an sensor was breached and from there you can either contact the Police or if you believe its a false alarm then disarm the alarm and re-arm the system from wherever you are.

If you go on holiday temporary access can be granted to anyone who can look after your house whilst you are away.

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